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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower ACCIDENT
From: "Dan Cisson" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 20:07:08 -0400
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Joey,, I rarely make a reply to a post,, but this got my attention...And I 
wanted to reply to the reflector for it could very well help others...
I am a tower professional, I do it for a living..I do a fair amount for 
hams, and I am a ham myself...
I found a couple of things you said that did not add up correctly, obviously 
it happened,, but seems it should not have. You said you had the tower down 
to the 40 ft. level...By the way, is the tower Rohn 25??
When the tower was fully up with the antennas and all the guy cables, that 
tower was at maximum load. Then you added your body weight, your gear to 
take the tower down, and all the movement that comes with getting a 
tri-bander down from 100 ft. That is theoretically when the tower shoud have 
collapsed. The only way I could see any different, is the bottom set of 
wires created some pivot at the failure point. But if that tower was up with 
proper guy cables, with a minimum of 3/16 EHS, 3990 lb break strength, the 
guy should have never broke. I am sure sorry of your accident, I hope what I 
am describing, and what happened to you can foil another tower tragedy...I 
sure feel it should not have happened....Best Wishes,, Good Luck to you,, 
Dan Cisson N4GNR
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Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 7:18 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower ACCIDENT

>  to All;
> A Fellow ham asked me to drop by here and tell you all my story, you see I
> am in a wheel chair,
> because I was on a tower that collapsed,
> My Names Joey, My Call is W5TFW, I live just outside of Baton Rouge
> Louisiana, On April 1st
> I was disassembling a  100' tower with a mosley tri bander and a 2 meter
> Yagi, etc,....
> The owner whos is now a silent key,  told me the tower was in fine shape, 
> 3
> sets of guy wires no rust,
> seemed strong enough to me upon inspection, so up I went, I first removed
> the antennas, rotor, top section, then 6 10' sections, now at 40' the 
> tower
> legs just BROKE,  it snaped the guy wires and down I came, I broke my left
> ankle, My Pelvis, my Back, my Ribs, and I almost bleed to death,
>   I hope this helps you all not to make the mistakes I made.
> ps: the OWNER of the tower, Came to the hospital,  He had a Heart attack 
> and
> died.
>              Regards,  Joey
> Richard Joey Fiero II
> W5TFW  EM-40
> Director 6 Club
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