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Re: [TowerTalk] Series Remote Coax Switches?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Series Remote Coax Switches?
From: "Tim Rife" <>
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 06:42:59 -0400
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I am currently doing just this using the Ameritron RCS12 automatic switches.
I have one switch fairly close to the house feeding a 25g bracketed to the
house, a UST crankup about 125 feet from the house and Hytower about 300
feet from the house.  At the UST crank up, I have a second RSC12 feeding the
antennas on that tower.  The feed to the second switch at the UST is through
a port on the first RCS12.

Additionally, I use a Y cable to split the band data info from the radio to
feed both RCS12's so that antenna selection is done automatically.  I have
programmed in all the preferred antennas into the RCS12's and these are
selected as the default antennas on each band.  If I want to use a different
antenna, I put the RCS 12 into manual mode and then select the antenna I
want to use.

Thus far, I have had no problems with this approach.  It has saved me some
coax and some holes in the house.



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Subject: [TowerTalk] Series Remote Coax Switches?

Hi to all,

I have a question about the use of remote coax switches, and am sure someone
has done this before, but I have no experience with it.  I presently have
one tower in use (175' coax run from house to tower), and am using a remote
coax switch at the base of the tower to feed a number of antennas.  I have a
second tower built, and will also have a number of antennas on it.  I would
like to use one of the outputs on the coax switch at the first tower to feed
the coax switch on the second tower (140' from first to second tower).  This
would save the expense of a second 175' of coax from the house to the first
Have others fed antennas through two remote coax switches?  Had any problems
doing this?
I'm not sure if this is a good idea, or if I should just spend the extra on
coax and have a completely seperate run from the house to the second tower.

Tnx - 73,
Tim - N3XX

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