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[TowerTalk] another tower going up and need some advice

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Subject: [TowerTalk] another tower going up and need some advice
From: "Gregg Seidl" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 19:02:37 -0500
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I have finally found the one antenna I have wanted but wasn't willing to pay 
new price(not that it wasn't worth it but the shipping was crazy) for it.I 
have wanted a M2 80M1LLA for a while now and got one unopened in the box.Now 
I got to get the rest of the stuff.I have several towers  but none taller 
then 80 feet.I have about 110-120 feet of Rohn 25 that I want to put this 
antenna on.Also on this tower I want to relocate my M2 2M-18XXX.That will 
put the windload at 10.5 sq feet.A tick over the Rohn specs in my wind 
area.Like 15% over.I can live with that,if it were to fall over it will hit 
nothing.Being this tall I'm more worried about lightning.I was going to 
ground each leg to a 2 gauge wire buried 12-18 inches in the ground with 8 
foot ground rods every 8 feet of wire caldwelded.How long should those wires 
extend from the base of the tower?33 feet a good number?Are there any known 
troubles with this antenna,I think M2 antennas are the best and have never 
had trouble with them.The tower will be about 150 feet away from the 
house/shack so the 12 volt cable to change the relay from ssb/cw will be 
that long as well.Is there any trouble with using a cable that long?Back to 
the tower,it is spec'ed at 3 guy wire levels,I know when you add another you 
also increase the loading on the tower,however does it also increase its 
rating?If I use 4 levels using 3/16 cable does that help its rating,or is 
the extra weight and such worse for the tower?Any help would be great,this 
is a big one for me and  just trying to the best I can within reason.I will 
either shunt feed it for 160 or just use an inverted L with a bunch of 
radials.  Gregg K9KL 


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