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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] guy wire question
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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 10:03:30 -0600
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I used the 8' yellow guy guards that the utility companies put at the bottom
of their wire guy wires. I was able to purchase them from a local telco for
less than $6 each. They are already slit, and have an interior apparatus
that secures them to the guy wire. They're pretty simple to install.

I installed two on each bottom set of guys near the very bottom of the wire,
leaving some space in between to accommodate a tension gauge.

They are very noticeable, and I no longer worry about running into my guy
wires when I'm out mowing.


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> I am looking for the safety  covers you see  on utility pole guy wires. Or
> something similar. I need to be able to see the  wire near the ground this
> summer as I mow. I don't know the exact word or name  they are called nor
> a source.
> I have some older flexible cable covers [apx  3/4''] with a slit to slip
> over
> wires to protect them. I assume this could work  too. I  need to know the
> name so I know what to ask or search  for.
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