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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 14:25:47 -0500
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My friends I take acceptation to all this crankup tower "stuff".

I have a 75HD Aluma tower, if it "lawn furniture" I'll invite the elephants 
over to sit. I could not
afford to have a 75ft tower erected and do not have friends to help as I had 
just moved from out of
state. Nor did I have or want guys at ground or elevated. So that left me with 
the only option in a
crank-up. I Looked at US towers and was quoted $2500 for shipping(this was 
before the Mid-west
shipping). I installed the Aluma by myself and used the "ground post" so no 
concrete, its been up
for 7 years with a C31XR for 2 yrs and now a 4el SteppIR. I crank-up and down 
depending on the
weather and for maintenance( it tilts also and power winch for up and down).

I no that there are several different models in the Aluma line so its not fair 
to say that the whole
line is "weak".

73 Larry K1ZW

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Steve the tower you described reminds me of the Aluma Tower which is made here 
in Florida. It very
closely resembles lawn furniture. The Heights crank up towers, which are also 
made in Florida, are a
much stronger constructed tower. They kind of look like an aluminum version of 
a US Tower. I have
had experience with both and would not recommend the Aluma Tower but a Heights 
Tower should be good
for any load for which they are rated.

Julio, W4HY

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>  I'm new to the list & need some information on Heights  Crank up
without the tilt over feature. OK here's the background. I use  to have a 50 ft 
Universal at my old
house. I liked the tower, but 50 ft is now  above my

comfort level for working on towers, I'd like to get a crankup and think the 
Heights would be good
one. So, I would like to get in contact with anyone who currently owns, or has 
owned a Heights crank
up. I've read their  web site & now want to talk to owners & get the real  

        A customer of mine bought a  100-foot version. He had never had a tower 
before and bought it
because he could  get it in his backyard without too much trouble and then he'd 
have a 100' tower.
After everything was done, he wanted a professional opinion about his  
installation. He made one
fatal error 
in locating the guy anchors which we  corrected.         
        EVERYTHING about this tower  was undersized and under-engineered IMO. 
The 3 base bolts were 1/2" or so. The  winch and haul lines were inadequate - 
the winch got real hot
as we were  cranking it up. I can't remember if the cables were rope or steel - 
they  might've been
        This was a guyed tower  which meant you had to be VERY careful as it's 
being cranked up and
then the guy  tensions were all on the haul cables. 
        He called the other day as  he was preparing to lower it and the

safety latch that locked some of the  sections wouldn't release so it wouldn't 
descend. I suggested
a couple of things  that I would have done if I'd been there and he went out to 
lower it. He called
back a little later and said that he indeed got the safety latch to release but 
 as he was lowering
it, the winch got away from him and the whole thing  collapsed. The yagi booms 
bent and the whole
tower wound up jammed in the lower  section. 
        I was saddened to hear  about his calamity because he made some bad 
decisions that led to
this  unfortunate occurrence. (OTOH I was glad I wasn't the guy that did it.) I 
would  never have
recommended that he buy this tower - 100' of 45G would have been a  much better 
decision and it'd
still be in the air for the next 25 years or more. 
        If you've got your heart  set on a crank-up, get a US Tower model. 
They're steel, well built and US Tower  has been known to go out of their way 
for customer service. 
Steve     K7LXC
Professional tower services for hams
Cell: 206-890-4188

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