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Re: [TowerTalk] jacking tower sections apart

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] jacking tower sections apart
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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 07:10:53 -0400
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Here's the tool you're looking for:

On where to tie off at the top, good question. Unless you put a clamp on the
mast, as you suggest, you can't clip the fall arrest lanyard above your
head, which is the recommended position. But when you're climbing with a
Y-lanyard, that's also the case -- at least temporarily. At the top, you can
attach your fall arrest lanyard to the highest rung below top plate, to the
top plate itself (mine has ears with unused holes for guy wires because the
bracket is below the top plate) or you can attach it to the mast itself. If
your fall arrest lanyard has a large enough gorilla hook, you can clip it
directly to the mast. If not, you can loop it around the mast and clip he
hook to the lanyard. If you have a Y-lanyard, you can clip one hook to the
top plate and the other around the mast. If you have to stand on the top
plate, this will put the clip point for the fall arrest lanyard at your
feet. That's not the safest place for it to be, but it's better than not
being clipped off at all. 

As for the positioning lanyard, it can be looped around the mast a few times
to shorten it. I use an adjustable lanyard, which makes that a little easier
(got it from K7LXC's Champion Radio Products, but not sure Steve still
carries that model.) I also use an ultra-short clip-off device consisting of
two carabiners connected with a 6-inch man-load rated climbing strap I got
at a rock climbing store. It's attached to my chest D-ring. I normally use
it to quickly clip to the tower for a rest when I'm climbing (lots quicker
than the belt) and as an extra tie-off point when at a work position where I
don't need to move around a lot. This device can be quickly looped around
the mast when standing on the top plate.

All ears for better suggestions.

73, Dick WC1M

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> Subject: [TowerTalk] jacking tower sections apart
> We used to have a small pump up cylinder jack with a couple of flat
> bars welded to top and bottom just  for this.
> Plenty of 'lift' in just the right spot.
> Lee
> Got a few questions for the group
>     Is there some tool to use to get stuborn Rohn 25/45 sections
> apart?
>     I'm going to get a new climbing harness,fall arrest and postioning
> straps in a day or 2 from our reflectors sponser.My question is
> this;when
> you are on the top plate of your tower and all you have above you is
> your
> mast,how do you "tie" off to that.I thought about taking a couple of
> U-clamps and a link from a LARGE chain and clamping that.Anybody else
> have
> ideas?
>     Is there a tool that helps get stuborn Rohn 25/45 together?
> Thanks
> Gregg K9KL


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