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A lot depends on where they got the patents.  For instance, if they got the
patents in only the US, then I don't think it would be valid in Europe.  I
know when we file a patent, it is filed in Eu, US and other locations... 

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Looks for all the world like a contravention of the SteppIR patent, although
I haven't
researched it to be sure.    There appear to be some mechanical  
improvements over
the Mertel brothers' design, but an awful lot is simply a copy.

There is flattery, and then there is thievery.    The question is  
whether there's enough
money at stake for the Mertels to challenge this ripoff.

Curiously,  I still have my engineering notebook from 1975, signed and
which describes this antenna.   The moving elements were the easy  
part.   Control was
the economic block.   It was the availability of PIC controllers  
which made it
feasible as a commercial product.

I suppose if one could go to the trouble of creating a replica of a dead sea
scroll, or the shroud of Turin,  one could create an engineering notebook
documenting prior
design and protection under italian law.    Or, maybe it really exists.

One certainty:   At EU1600,  I'm not buying one!


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