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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 14:25:58 -0400
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R Verhoeven wrote:
> Hi all
> One quick question regarding tower height and RFI. I have extended my tower 
> from 18m to 24m. I am using 7/8 helix cables to feed my two antennas, 
> Optibeam 16-3 and a Optibeam 40-4 . The whole installation was done according 
> to standards and info available.
>  My neighbour started complaining about rfi on his sat tv.
Every one appears to be approaching this in the old RFI sense of 
interference, but 6-meters should not interfere with the satellite 
receiver or output from the LNB.  However if your antenna is in such a 
position that it's between his dish and the satellite it could easily 
block enough signal to cause a problem.  This is particularly a problem 
with the newer small dishes while the old C-band BUGs (Big Ugly Dishes ) 
could see right through them. A tower even without an antenna can 
completely block a signal to my DISH receiver, yet it's mounted on the 
same tower where I run 1.8 through 440 MHz.  All but 144 and 440 MHz are 
running a KW or better with no interference.  Actually the coax cables 
all run together through the same conduit to the tower and up the tower 
in the same bundle.

In a sense you'd be lucky if the apparent interference is RFI as that is 
fixable, while blocking the signal is only fixed by moving either his 
antenna or yours.

73 and good luck,

Roger (K8RI)
> Any comment?
> Ronnie
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