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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] trylon stg cost
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As far as STGs to date, we have built (2) 80 meter (270'), (3) 60 meter
(200') towers for some wind farm work as of recent, and (6) 90' stg towers
for some Dragonwave PTP microwave work last year.  

Depending on the wind zone, you may be able to get away with only 1 torque
arm, but the issue here is not survival rating of the tower, but the
twist/swing these towers have. Your microwave paths may not stay true under
a high wind conditions, even if the dishes have radomes, just due to the
amount of twist these towers can have. Don't get me wrong, they are strong,
but they do have some wiggle when loaded with dishes. I have a 90' stg on a
rooftop, with only 1 torque arm, holding (3) 3' Gabriel Antennas, and (2)
Radiowave 2' Dish antennas. It has never lost path (Knock on wood) but that
is why it was overbuilt. We are in a very hostile wind environment.  

The guys at trylon are pretty good at giving recommendations on beefing up
the towers to handle additional wind loads. They understand the issues
dishes can create and can give some pretty detailed insight on solutions.
Really the only engineering is taking the info from them and putting paper
to pencil, so the tower crew will know how much extra guy wire, time, and
hardware they will need. Of course having a detailed drawing of what is
being built never hurts. I don't think you will need a structural engineer,
just some info from trylon and someone to field determine the changes for
the erection crew. While most of the guys in my crew are quite knowledgeable
of things like wind loading, leg/face loading, and torque resistance, most
tower crews do not know the product they are building well enough to make
these types of calls. 

My rough pricing on erection basically reflect our current day rate of $1600
times two, since building this little tower would, worst case scenario, take
two days to build. On a good day however we can stack 160'-200' of this
tower with our rope, small ginpole, and cathead. If we use our big gin pole,
and trailer winch, we can put them up 20' at a time, and double the output,
but for such a small tower, it would take too long to rig and de-rig the big
Richard Elizondo
Senior Consultant
Ionos Communications

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I love these towers.
Of all the crap trylon makes, these towers single handedly make up for it
all. Just finished building 5 of these things down here on the gulf coast. 

Rough quote below -

Tower Steel and Parts - About $8000

Additional Torque Arms, guy wire, and engineering for putting 3 Dish antenna
at top - $1000 

Dirt work, concrete and rebar - $2500 - $3500 depending on crew.

Erection Cost - (Ginpole and cathead of course) - $3200.00 plus travel

About 15k roughly, but other things can crop up, ie. additional foundation
work due to bad soil, or FAA restrictions that requiring lighting,
Electrical trenching and build out. 

Richard Elizondo
Senior Consultant
Ionos Communications

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Subject: [TowerTalk] trylon stg cost


I was wondering if anyone has any idea what it would cost for a 140'
trylon stg tower installed?


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