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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 14:50:31 +0000
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Military specs for coaxial cable.

A series of individual specification sheets under MIL-C-17/xxx  (now 

MIL-C-17/74 was for RG-213/RG-215 but is now discontinued and replacement is 
MIL-C-17/189 Rev B.  Mils specs still exist though over past years a lot of 
"mil specs" have been transfered to the more commercial ANSI or other similar 

Mil specs provided a common specification for all mfrs for consistent similar 
construction and quality of product.  This involves testing as well. Cable that 
met requirements was marked M17/74 along with mfr info.

For coax MIL SPECS still exist and an example is at this site for Defense 
Supply Center Columbus: 

Arne N7KA

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> >I see a company called L Com on Amazon that sells coax. They seem to be a 
> >big 
> commercial dealer. When I called forr specs on their RG213 all the girl would 
> say it's commercial grade not military. 
> And she's right. There is NO such thing at MIL-STD RG-213, since that spec 
> was 
> discontinued years ago (1985?). (PVC jacket is a no-no, among other things..) 
> (well.. someone could have some old coax in a warehouse, produced back when 
> the 
> standard was still in effect) 
> However, L-com should have a detailed data sheet on their other products, 
> which 
> you should be able to compare to the RG-213 slashsheet if you want to. 
> Jim, W6RMK 
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