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On a related note I recently had the mis fortune to purchase some "non name 
brand" coax that was marked with the ROHS designation.  (I believe this means 
that the product contains little or no lead or other harmfull materials ?)   
I usually don't buy "non name brand coax" but I wanted coax that had a flame 
travel rating (for use indoors) and the avaliable Belden Coax did not and this 
coax did.   
I was not pleased to discover that it was very difficult to properly solder 
connectors to this cable, and in general it seemed to be quite inferior to the 
comparable Belden product.
In the future I will be avoiding ROHS cable unless I am planning on using crimp 
style connectors as I suspect the tinning on the braid was behind the issues I 
had soldering the connectors on.

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Military specs for coaxial cable.

A series of individual specification sheets under MIL-C-17/xxx  (now

MIL-C-17/74 was for RG-213/RG-215 but is now discontinued and replacement is
MIL-C-17/189 Rev B.  Mils specs still exist though over past years a lot of
"mil specs" have been transfered to the more commercial ANSI or other
similar organizations.

Mil specs provided a common specification for all mfrs for consistent similar
construction and quality of product.  This involves testing as well. Cable that
met requirements was marked M17/74 along with mfr info.

For coax MIL SPECS still exist and an example is at this site for Defense
Supply Center Columbus: 

Arne N7KA

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> >I see a company called L Com on Amazon that sells coax. They seem to
be a big 
> commercial dealer. When I called forr specs on their RG213 all the girl
> say it's commercial grade not military. 
> And she's right. There is NO such thing at MIL-STD RG-213, since that
spec was 
> discontinued years ago (1985?). (PVC jacket is a no-no, among other
> (well.. someone could have some old coax in a warehouse, produced back
when the 
> standard was still in effect) 
> However, L-com should have a detailed data sheet on their other products,
> you should be able to compare to the RG-213 slashsheet if you want to. 
> Jim, W6RMK 
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