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Subject: [TowerTalk] HomeBrew TiltPlate
From: "Terry G. Glagowski" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 19:51:25 -0400
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Has anyone ever built their own homebrew TiltPlate similar to what NN4ZZ makes
described here? 
Maybe REAL contesters don't use crank-up / tilt-over towers, but I do!
I would envision a less exorbitant version consisting of a couple of
mast-to-boom plates joined with a heavy duty piano type hinge.  The top plate
would be fastened to the tower mast, the lower one to the antenna boom.
As the tower tilts over, the antenna stays horizontal due to gravity.
Any ideas or caveats to this?  Using materials from McMaster-Carr, one could be
built for between $50 and $100 (or more) depending on how heavy duty you would
like to go.  (1/4" or 3/8" aluminum plate, and 3/16" thick stainless piano hinge
1 ft long)

Terry / W1TR


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