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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] dipole ends: Tree attachments
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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 17:42:36 -0700
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I use screw in electrical-insulators (ceramic insulators with a lag screw 
built in).  I feed rope through the center of the insulator and use it 
instead of a pulley.  They smooth ceramic works well with minimal abrasion 
to the rope.  Some of my insulators have been installed this way for 25 
years now with no problems.  All of my trees are slow growing Doug Fir so 
I've never had to move or back out the insulators.  Your results may be 
different depending on the tree type.  I have a 40M Double-Extended Zepp 
that is 135' high on one end and 90' high on the other end.  I use it for 
160, 80 and 40M and it works wonderfully.  To minimize tree climbing in the 
event a rope should break, I always feed two ropes through the insulator so 
that I have a backup available.  This only became necessary after I started 
using dacron covered "antenna" rope which seems to break about twice a year. 
I'm going back to cheap Home Depot rope which has always lasted 5-10 years.

Clay  W7CE

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>I knew at some point a suggestion would be made to replace the trees.
> I'm surprised it wasn't the first suggestion!
> Guys, thanks for the info so far regarding pulleys, bungees, etc. My
> main question was answered, it appears the majority opinion is to put
> a screw eye into the trees.
> Tim, N9PUZ
> Robert Morris wrote:
>> Taking a page from "Splicing LDF4", these methods are wrong.
>> There's only one right way.
>> Those dirty live trees must be removed and replace with cell monopoles.
>> Your choice of pine or palm.
>> After 40 yards of concrete, tower crew, and crane, you'll have a place
>> to hang a dipole....
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