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Re: [TowerTalk] Outdoor Coax Issue

To: Tim N9PUZ <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Outdoor Coax Issue
From: Richards <>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 15:42:58 -0500
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Correct.   I am still contemplating a tower in the yard.  As I cannot
get on up this year at all,  I figured on the big vertical as I want
to try SOMETHING this year, and this is it.

Yes - I know the cable will hide itself in the grass over time.

My experience went like this:

Last Spring, I laid several radials down for a low band "sloper"
antenna,  but they did not bury themselves in the thatch for
many weeks.   They sat on top just like the first day I put them

One day, I was standing on my back deck while Jose, the yard
guy, was doing the lawn...  and then I realized why.

Jose works very hard to please his customer, and was picking
them up each week to mow the lawn, and carefully replaced them
pretty much as he had found them.  I politely asked him to leave
them down, and tried explaining why, but he kept insisting it was
no bother to pick them up each week.

Eventually, I printed out a page from the DX-Engineering web
site that explains this process, and had that translated into
Spanish by one of those translator sites on Google or Yahoo,
and he got the picture.   A few weeks later, we were both pleased
with how the wires were disappearing as promised.

Thanks for the help.

                ==========  James -K8JHR  ==========

Tim N9PUZ wrote:
> If I remember correctly your vertical may end up being a temporary 
> antenna until a tower can be installed next year, correct?
  > It took just a few weeks the following Spring before you could not find
> the coax without digging through the thatch. 

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