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Subject: [TowerTalk] Steppir antennas
From: "Rudy Severns" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 09:50:14 -0800
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I'd like to pass on my experience with several SteppIR antennas.  Some years 
ago I won one of the original SteppIR dipoles at the NW DX convention. 
After using it for a while I moved on to one of the early three element 20m+ 
arrays and a couple of years ago to the monster SteppIR with three elements 
on 40m and 30m and 4 elements on 20m+.

My initial reaction to the dipole was "this Rube Goldberg can't possibly 
work!"  The monster SteppIR is an order of magnitude more complicated that 
the original SteppIR's and is certainly not for the mechanically challenged 
when it comes to assembly.  My opinion has still not changed, these antennas 
cannot possibly work.

However, time and experience have cast some doubt on that opinion.  After 
several years and several antennas, I have yet to have a failure.  These 
contraptions  have worked flawlessly for me.  My QTH is a high wind 
environment being on a hilltop in western Oregon but I rarely have much ice 

I'm not suggesting anyone buy one of these but since I saw a good of 
conversation on the reflector about these antennas and thought I would add 
my experience for anyone interested.

73, Rudy N6LF 


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