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[TowerTalk] Vertical on a chain link fence

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Vertical on a chain link fence
From: "Jon Casamajor" <>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 21:41:18 -0000
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Hi folks,

I am about to put a HF9V vertical up to supplement my 40m through 70Cm stack
on my 72' crank up. I am primarily interested in 80m and 30m and I may add
the 160m coil down the road a bit.

In considering mounting options, it struck me that the 6' high by 800' long
chain link fence on the back of my property could be an option. I'm thinking
about actually mounting the Butternut on the fence or on a pipe above and
close to the fence then using the fence for the ground radial side of the
antenna.  I could add some radials also but the fence is tempting!  I wonder
if any of the assembled experts here have ever tried something like this or
seen it done.    

The fence is probably 100' from my tower and it runs West and East. The
fence posts are in concrete but I could ground the fence pretty easily and
the materials are all galvanized of course.

Any thoughts would be appreciated and valuable input at this stage!







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