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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Motorize a "Hazer"
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Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 17:51:36 -0500
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I looked at winches ( not WENCHES, though I frequently observe them as well,
whenever possible in fact ) when I had an ALUMA Tower at this qth.  I found
that many of the low voltage and even some of the 110 volt electric winches
are noisy as hell.  I live in a neighborhood where 'that kind' of noise
would have the phone ringing here, espeically if I were doing something at
night. I made sure on the next tower that I put a much quieter lift system
on it. A good 120 volt or better yet 220 volt motor if the requirements
suggest, is a better option.  One last thing ROLLING weight and LIFTING
weight are completely TOTALLY different items. I don't recall the ratios but
consider the weights you are going to deal with in your planning. But costs
are a consideration. In my case NOISE was a major one...just a tought for
you.  - Mike

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I have a 60 foot Rohn 25 with a Trolley Hazer on it ...been in use as 
a test/build-it tower for over 10 years.... It's nice to build 
antennas at waist level, then crank'em up and test get the

But now the arms and knees are saying no more hand cranking so why 
not motorize it....???

Right now its got a 1500 pound 5:1 Fulton on it and no problems, it 
pulls a 5/16 cable up 60 feet and down 55 feet with 8 turns still on 
the drum...
I figure the greatest weight including Hazer/rotor/antenna would be 
less than 150 pounds, so at this point the 1500 pound Fulton hasn't 
grunted yet...

Now the Hazer folks sell a 12 volt winch for a 48 foot tower and its 
got a 1500 pound 12v horizontal winch  and nobody wants to talk about 
a vertical pull figures...

Superwinch has a new 8400 pound horizontal pull that will handle the 
120 feet of cable and is positive up and down with brake etc...and 
its only $400.00
The gear ratio is 235:1 .... if this is a workable item I would put a 
programmable ampmeter in the DC line and set alarm points in it so if
  gets stuck and the amperage goes up/spikes, the alarm will sound etc....

The only thing I don't like is the 12 volts.....I would have to run 
it off the truck in order to get the DC amperage necessary ....

Or maybe the way to go would be to buy a 4500 pound Fulton put a 
pulley on  and 50:1 gear reduction ... a 1HP motor wire for up/down 
and be done with it..???
Of course the costs going this route would be around 6-700 dollars...

Here are the specs on the Superwinch:




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