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Subject: [TowerTalk] FW: Old Safety Belt
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Comtrain LLC has some books that are fairly inexpensive in this topic.

As for the harness, you need to find something you're going to be
comfortable climbing in. If you have always used a belt, there are many
harnesses designed like a belt with an integrated PFAS (personal fall arrest

Here are a few affordable harnesses I recommend:

And here is the one I use day to day and absolutely love:

Good Luck,

Richard Elizondo
Senior Consultant
Ionos Communications

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>  So where does an Amateur Operator go to get proper Tower
if there are no local ham Teacher/Elemers  .....willing or able to give

    There are a couple of places where you can go for  tower climbing 
certification. They're obviously aimed at the professional  climber and the
certs are 
now typically required to be hired. 
>  Has any Ham or Professional Climber ever "written the book"  on
Safe Tower Climbing and Safe Tower Work procedures including Tool  use  etc.

        OTOH I wrote tower climbing  columns in both the NCJ and the defunct

CQ Contest magazine for a total of over  10 years. I'm hoping to reprint all

of them in an upcoming book. 
        OTOOH I'm about 1/2 way  done finally finishing my 
way-behind-schedule tower book which I'm hoping will  be out by Dayton in
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