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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tailtwister not turning, still
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Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2009 20:56:09 -0800
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I have a Tailtwister, that had frozen bolts from so much salt water
corrosion. I soaked the bolts with a penetrating oil, but the bolts never
moved even after 3 - 4 applications of oil. 

Finally, I applied heat with a small propane torch to the T2X near the
bolts, then use a small hand arbor press and pushed them out with the nuts
still attached but backed out. It wasn't easy, but it did work. I used one
of those cheap bench arbor presses from Harbor Freight.

I guess if you sheared the heads off the bolts, you could use a good size
punch and drive them out that way too. Be sure to back up the flanges of the
T2X on a vice opened enough for the bolts to exit the rotator.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tailtwister not turning, still

Thanks for the various suggestions.
Problem is not at full CW or CCW but still tried the 'rocking' technique.
No go.
Disconnected from the mast so no loading and still won't turn.
Took it down and put it on the bench intending to split the bells.  

Now a new problem since I cannot get the bolts out.  Don't know if the bolts
even need to be removed???  Nuts came off no problem but all but one bolt is
real tight.  So, drenched them WD40 for a couple of hours, re-applied and
still tight.   Re-applied again and will try later tonight.
So, thought I would just make a jumper to try to run it on the bench.
Managed to strip out one of the connections on the rotor.  So, I'd really
like to get this open to see what is going on and consider the suggestions
below from Bob. W5AH.  And may need to replace the terminal strip somehow.

This T2X is an old one that has zero problems for the last 32 years.

Any suggestions on getting the bell split or the bolts loosened?

Tnx to all the OMs.

I had exactly the same problem with my T2X.  Replaced the cap just like 
you did with same results.

I finally took the two halves apart and checked out the gear drive 
mechanism.  With the brake released,
I could turn the large gears at the top and see the motor shaft turning, 
so it was not frozen up.  Put it back together
and it still did not turn.
The jam up was at around 45 dgrs... no where near the limit switches

I took it apart again and this time I removed all the gears and 
reinstalled them.  Its now back on the tower
and working properly.

However, I expect it to fail again because this was the second time I 
had the same problem.  The first time, a new
cap got it going so I did not take it off the tower

Considering our similar results, it sounds to me like there is a 
tolerance problem with the cast pieces.
Please let me know what you determine on yours

73, gud luck
Bob, W5AH

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