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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] tower installation HG52SS
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Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 07:33:23 -0800
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Dave - AB7E wrote:
> Those are all very good comments, which is why I think it is unreliable for 
> anyone here on the reflector to encourage him to do much of anything 
> specific, short of having an engineer check out his proposed installation.  
> If the rock isn't really "solid" with a compression strength somewhere in the 
> vicinity of 3,000 PSI (and AN Wireless actually specs 4,000 PSI for their 
> freestanding towers), then the rock isn't really equivalent to concrete and 
> the required foundation width to resist an overturning moment is rather 
> indeterminate.
> The alternative, of course, is to simply overkill everything and put in lots 
> of concrete (particularly in width) .... but at $100+ per cubic yard it 
> wouldn't take much extra of it to offset the "savings" of not hiring an 
> engineer.
An excellent point..

> I'll shut up now ...

Actually, this discussion says that a generalized tutorial on the 
mechanics of towers might be good for Dayton or the Handbook.  Not to 
the point of being able to do the calculations, but to explain the 
difference in  bases for guyed vs freestanding towers, and the different 
strategies for freestanding (deep and skinny vs wide and flat).  And to 
give some background on terminology.


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