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[TowerTalk] Tristao CZ-454-FS Tower Base Information

Subject: [TowerTalk] Tristao CZ-454-FS Tower Base Information
From: Gene - W5DQ <>
Reply-to: "Tower and HF antenna construction topics." <>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 15:33:10 -0600 (CST)
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I recently acquired a CZ-454-FS tower without any base. Refering to a copy of 
the user manual, there appears to be 3 "L" shaped mounting brackets that form 
the base mounting points. There are no specification on the thickness or type 
of metal used. Before I go off and fabricate a replacement set or suitable base 
plate, does anyone either have a CZ-454-FS that is mounted with these brackets 
that can send me dimensions and possible real photos of them or does anyone 
have any detailed drawings of these brackets. I realize that this should not be 
a hard thing to fab but thought I would ask first. 

Also does anyone happen to have the actual plywood template that is referred to 
in the installation instructions that was used to hold the J-bolts in the 
correct pattern for sinking into the base concrete. I figure most of those went 
out with the debris after base cleanup but it doesn't hurt to ask the forum. If 
someone has it and would not mind tracing it onto a large sheet of paper to 
mail me, I'll reimburse the postage. Better yet, send me the jig and I'll pay 
for the postage there too. Pleae email me before sending anything as I don't 
need 20 of them, hihi.


Gene Brewer, W5DQ
Ridgecrest, CA

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