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Re: [TowerTalk] Has Anyone Rebuilt ( New Seals ) a Hub City W300 or simi

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Has Anyone Rebuilt ( New Seals ) a Hub City W300 or similar Crank Up Tower Gearbox ?
From: Phil Chambley <>
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Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 18:26:07 -0600
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I'll take a stab at this one

Rebuilding one of those guys can be a job. I haven't done it in 25 years and
when I did I had a full shop but mostly if they needed rebuilding we threw
it away and replaced it. On the other hand if it's just leaky seals and
there's not much slop in the shafts (particularly the output shaft) you can
easily pull or pry  the seal out. Rent a seal puller or being careful of the
shaft just pry the seal out. Hopefully you be able to read the number on it.

Take it to an auto parts store, the kind that has farm and truck parts too
not your average AutoZone and they should have a replacement. Oil the new
seal and tap in going around it trying to keep it straight or if you can
find a pipe that fits over the shaft and covers the outside of the seal you
can drive it in with a couple of whacks that way.
Cost would be a few bucks a seal.


ex KJ4NI

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 2:19 PM, Dennis Vernacchia <> wrote:

> Typically used on 70 ft motorized crank up towers like Tri-Ex ( Tashijian )
> LM-470
> Or...if you have not rebuilt one - where did you take to get gearbox
> rebuilt
> for leaky seals ?
> and what was cost  ?
> I would appreciate if you could forward this info request to anyone you
> know
> might have the answer ?
> Pix of it can be seen on Page B6  at    *
> *
> First Item "W-Series "
> I also have a 58K CAD Drawing file I downloaded from Hub City site but can
> not view with
> my Paint Shop Pro Version 7 software  ( W300.DWG file ) - Antone know what
> program
> ( hopefully shareware ) I can view with so I don't have to load Auto CAD !
> Got the file here  **   and
> although
> it is supposed to
> be able to be viewed in Paint Shop Pro - I must not have that module
> 73, Dennis N6KI
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