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Subject: [TowerTalk] Fall Harness-My Choice
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Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 12:07:12 -0500
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A previous poster wrote, in part:

"If it's not in place... they are not covered by  either workman's 
compensation.... or if they are killed.. their life insurance may well be null 
and void."


"You may want to check ur own health / life insurance plan.   Never thought of 
this b4.... but if they
knew joe ham owned, and climbed  his own tower, that was NOT equipped with a 
fall arrest device installed, there could be repercussions after the fact."

Fellows, as an agent, I can assure you that your life insurance will pay in 
full if you die falling from a tower.  The only possible exception would be if, 
in the application, there were a question about dangerous hobbies or avocations 
that mentioned tower climbing, which you falsely answered -- and I have never 
seen such a question.  There may be something about bungie jumping, skydiving, 
etc.  And after two years, the contestability period of your policy is expired, 
and the company is obliged to pay from any cause of death not specifically 
excluded in the policy, even suicide (which surprises a lot of people).

I cannot speak as authoritatively on health or insurance, but unless 
specifically excluded, they should have to pay in full.  Certainly in the case 
of disability insurance.  As to worker's comp, it depends on the language in 
the employer's policy.  Generally employees are covered even if they break the 
rules (within limits).

Every now and then I hear people say things like "if you drink and drive your 
car insurance won't pay for an accident" and such nonsense.  Not true.  People 
do stupid things every day.  That is why we buy insurance!

The final authority is your policy -- read it!


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