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[TowerTalk] Fall Harness-My Choice

Subject: [TowerTalk] Fall Harness-My Choice
From: Phil Theis <>
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 16:43:52 -0400
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I have 3/8 cable on two of my taller towers.  Wouldn't be without it.
Phil K3TUF

How many folks on here run the 3/8"  winch cable  from top
to bottom of the tower,  and use the positive locking device, hooked to 
your climbing gear of choice?    IE: if you slip, get stung by a wasp, get 
dizzy from the heat, etc, what's  stopping you from falling 100'....aside from 
next set of guy wires below you ?   I see the Trylon version of this device 
uses a 
shock absorber at the top of the tower.  Some versions use a 3/8"  cable..and 
versions use a square tubing rail, running the entire height of the tower.
Later... Jim   VE7RF


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