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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] MCL-100 limit switches
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Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 11:36:22 -0600
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I don't own US Tower product but have replaced tower limit switches several 
times....these are fairly generic devices, and Square-D makes a ton of great 
industrial switches, many different configurations, weather/environment 
protected, etc.:

Their products are sold by all the big electrical suppliers, and often can 
be found new/used on the auction sites, etc.

Depending on your tower mfgr/model, your switch may require 120VAC or low 
voltage. Some are normally-open, some normally-closed altho I think most 
tower applications use normally-closed loops.

Even the "weatherproof" switches will eventually get internal corrosion, 
which of course will disrupt the switch's functioning. Sometimes the 
internal contacts (and gaskets, etc.) can be cleaned up & replaced, other 
times it just makes more sense to replace the switch.

Another thing, the switches use an "arm" to sense the position of the tower 
sections. Sometimes these "arms" (they have a wheel on the end also) will 
break or become misaligned, and if you are lucky, you switch will just need 
some repositioning.

If you want I can send you a few pix off-list as to how mine are 
installed/interfaced (I have a Tri-Ex tower), and I may also have a few 
spare switches which are surplus to my needs.

Let me know!



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Subject: [TowerTalk] MCL-100 limit switches

> Since US Tower rarely divulges such information, can anyone who has the
> MCL-100 control box and limiting switches tell me who manufactures the
> switches and their part numbers? I seem to have a faulty upper limit 
> switch
> that will need replacing.
> An electrician tried to realign it and get it working but could not do so. 
> I
> can move the tower down but not up, except when the electrician bypasses 
> the
> upper switch with a jumper in the control box.
> I have an HDX-555 and will keep it at 50-ft and not move it again until I
> can secure a replacement for the upper switch. I cannot read the info on 
> my
> switches because the labeling is too marred.
> Anyone out there with sharp eyes?
> Ed, W1MAG
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