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Re: [TowerTalk] HDx89MDPL winch motor stopped eorking

To: "Dick Dievendorff" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] HDx89MDPL winch motor stopped eorking
From: "K0DAN" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 13:24:11 -0600
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I have a similar, but not identical, Tri-Ex tower.

With my tower, when this happens, sometimes the upper/lower limit switch has 
jammed, shorted, corroded open, etc. With the Tri-Ex and I assume HD, it is 
fairly easy to jumper/bypass the limit switches for testing. I would not 
recommend permanent bypass, and if you do bypass, operate/observe locally at 
the tower and do not operate remotely control.

I have also had the limit switch cables get leaky, causing GFI fault, but it 
sounds like you have this covered. Additionally, all interconnect plugs & 
sockets are suspect, and worthy of some shots of DeOxyt and cleaning.

Another possibility (this is very basic, but I have been embarassed by 
overlooking it myself) is the Tri-Ex motor is fused inside the control box. 
Has about an 8A slo-blo fuse, which (if the motor bearings, starter caps, 
etc. are getting tired) will sometimes work and sometimes blow. If you are 
lucky to find this condition a liberal amount of lubrication on the motor 
shafts, and more frequent up/down repositioning, can "recover" this 
condition and save you from a lot more major repair work.

Someone commented that the starter cap might not show a pass/fail condition. 
Could be with the HD but with my TriEx tower (which uses a Leeson wash-down 
type motor) has both starter cap and starter relay; mine has failed without 
abvious noise, fire, or blown fuses. These are cheap parts if you shop for 
them (under $20 for all) and are exposed to rain and corrosion even though 
they are under sealed/gasketed compartments. Since you are in maintenance 
mode anyway, the parts are cheap, and assuming your motor is similar in 
design, I would replace these parts just because they will improve your 
long-term reliability at a very low cost. ("If it ain't broke, don't replace 
it...unless it's dirt cheap...")

Another suggestion, if you are operating the tower remotely, is to install a 
mic + audio amp ("snooper" audio amp) in the control box and run a speaker 
back to the shack. It's not as good as "being there" but you can easily hear 
& discern "good sounds" from "bad sounds". I've had that amp @ the tower for 
years...thinking of adding CCTV for remote monitoring.

GL es 73


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Subject: [TowerTalk] HDx89MDPL winch motor stopped eorking

>> I went out on Friday afternoon to lower the tower. Nothing happened when 
>> I flipped the switch. I checked the plug and GFI breaker, it seems to 
>> have juice
>> I plan to return in Tuesday and begin diagnosis. I'll check for AC power 
>> at the outlet, and inside the box mounted on the tower. Beyond that I'm 
>> in new territory. Motor start capacitor? How does one test that?
>> How would I go about bringing the tower down at least partway manually?
> Dick, K6KR
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