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[TowerTalk] Old "new" Prosistel 61 - need comparison with current model

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Old "new" Prosistel 61 - need comparison with current model 61D
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Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 19:17:27 -0700
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A local ham with a health issue is selling a new, never used Prosistel 61 that 
he bought in 2001 but never installed.  It's a 48 volt AC model.  It has the 
Prosistel control box, which I think is the C model.  I would like any 
information that can be provided on the differences between the old model that 
would have been sold in 2001 and the current version, which I know runs on DC 
(but I don't know what difference that really makes).  My debate is price for 
this new/old unit versus biting the bullet for the brand new one with a 
warranty.  I'll be turning a 4 element Steppir at 70 feet and a Cushcraft XM240 
at 80 feet in a location that several times a year sees some high winds.

Any comments will be welcome.  Any opinions on what a fair price for this "new" 
unit would be?  Thanks in advance.

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