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Re: [TowerTalk] Old "new" Prosistel 61 - need comparison with current mo

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Old "new" Prosistel 61 - need comparison with current model 61D
From: K8RI on TT <>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 00:48:24 -0400
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Hi Doug,

On 8/14/2011 10:17 PM, W7ZZ wrote:

I'm afraid I can't give you much of a comparison as I've never even seen 
one of the new one other than in photos.
The older models do have some short comings and there were some design 
changes made during production, so how close that one is to mine, I 
don't know.

The Rotators are rugged, but I'd not use one in an environment where 
there is a lot of salt in the air.  I've seen some really bad corrosion 
in some of those cases.

Also there is a design flaw in the top of the rotator housing that 
allows water to set on the top seal. Actually it's a recess where the 
only way out is to evaporate.  I built a cover out of silicone rubber 
and filled that area with white Lithium grease.  Also the older rotators 
used a gear lube while the newer ones are not packed with grease which 
"I believe" is white Lithium grease.  When I rebuilt my PST-61 I drained 
and cleaned it thoroughly before packing it with White Lithium grease.

If you are mechanically inclined they are relatively easy to repair 
using Normal shop and garage tools and *most* but not all parts can be 
found at the local NAPA or automotive store including the bearings. 
Unfortunately the main worm gear and worm gear wheel are not.  They come 
from Italy and have had horrendous delivery times. I never did get one 
even though promised one under warranty.   I did not pursue it as I was 
able to salvage that part and turn down the outer shaft for the worm 
gear wheel to fit the first undersize seal.

The new PS-T61 appears to have a better top seal with a cover and uses a 
DC motor.  There is also a heavy duty motor available.  They are now 
handled by either DX Engineering. These things are real power houses, 
but I think the Alpha Spid Canadian rotator is near the equivalent for 
relatively ham arrays for much less money.  Not quite as sophisticated 
looking, but I think my next one may be one of those. Well, other than 
the tribander and 7L 6-meter yagi on the 25G which will get a 
TailTwister even though it's not one of my favorite rotators.

73 and good luck,

Roger (K8RI)

> A local ham with a health issue is selling a new, never used Prosistel 61 
> that he bought in 2001 but never installed.  It's a 48 volt AC model.  It has 
> the Prosistel control box, which I think is the C model.  I would like any 
> information that can be provided on the differences between the old model 
> that would have been sold in 2001 and the current version, which I know runs 
> on DC (but I don't know what difference that really makes).  My debate is 
> price for this new/old unit versus biting the bullet for the brand new one 
> with a warranty.  I'll be turning a 4 element Steppir at 70 feet and a 
> Cushcraft XM240 at 80 feet in a location that several times a year sees some 
> high winds.
> Any comments will be welcome.  Any opinions on what a fair price for this 
> "new" unit would be?  Thanks in advance.
> Doug
> W7ZZ
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