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Re: [TowerTalk] Zoning question - Putnam County Florida

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Zoning question - Putnam County Florida
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2011 07:00:43 -0800
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On 12/6/11 6:37 AM, wrote:
> Thanks John.  The place I want to buy is not within a city/town limits it's 
> located within Putnam County FL. I have
> since spoken to the Zoning Department for Putnam County and have been told 
> that Ham Towers are lumped in
> with cellular towers and other commercial communications towers and therefore 
> not permitted in residential
> zoned areas!!!  ABSURD!  In any case PRB-1 would supercede that nonsensical 
> regulation but I don't know
> if it would be costly to deal with.

PRB-1 doesn't exactly supersede or preempt the laws, at least you can't 
just put up your tower and tell them nyah, nyah, nyah....   It says that 
they can't make laws or regulations that unreasonably restrict, etc. 
You can use PRB-1 to get a waiver or to convince them to change the 
rules, but as you noted, it could be timeconsuming and expensive.

  I'll be going there soon and get a copy of the actual regulations. 
They do
> allow "TV" towers which can be attached to a house - but I don't know exactly 
> what the regulations state.  If
> there is no height restriction on such towers I can use a house bracket and 
> attach a 100' Rohn 45 to the side
> of the house but also have guy wires!  ;-)

Get Fred Hopengarten's book... You're going to be spending hundreds or 
thousands of dollars on a tower.. $25 for a book of essential 
information is well spent.

Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur has been updated! The Second 
Edition, with about 65% new text and 80% new information on the CD, 
including a whole lot of new ideas on CC&R situations, is now available 
from Radio-Ware (, 800/457-7373, catalog # AR-ZONE), 
the ARRL Bookstore (, order no. 1192), or 
ARRL publication dealers (

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