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Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 18:54:50 -0500
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I have been using a Kenpro KR2000 for years but it has finally
bit the dust. Some parts can been had from Yaesu who bought
out the Kenpro rotator line some years ago. Mine became somewhat
erratic a couple of years ago not rotating completely. But a tornado
this past Spring finally did it in and it has pieces bouncing around inside
the rotator. I haven't opened it up to check what is broken but I know
its not good. The plug on mine was avaiable from Yaesu for about
$35USD although the Yaesu equivalent (G2800) I think has switched to
a 6 pin plug..

I was rotating a tribander, 80M rotatable dipole and 2 el 40M yagi
with the KR2000. I've had mine since about 1981 (new).

73, Larry  W6NWS
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Subject: [TowerTalk] KENPRO KR-2000

> I've been off the air for many years but still have much of my equipment 
> (old Drake complete 4-line). I am now retired and want to get back on the 
> air in a big way so I plan to put up 150 feet of ROHN 55 (not sure if I'll 
> fly it up one section at a time  with my gin pole or have a 40 ton crane 
> come in and do it in one lift) with a TH7 on it, hang some inverted Vees 
> for 40, 80 and 160.
> I still have my old KENPRO KR-2000 rotor (am I telling my age?) and would 
> like to know what any of you know/think about this particular rotor. I'd 
> been using HAM-M's for years (this was before the HAM-4's came out) until 
> I got the KR-2000 but wasn't on the air long until my 90 foot tower came 
> down. From that point, I was QRT. Now that I've moved, I can start over 
> and build up something worthwhile. I know my KR is still operational, 
> which is why I held onto it for all these years.
> I also have a jury-rigged PPM (I know, all PPM's are jury-rigged) that a 
> previous ham sold me, along with much of his other outside gear, but with 
> no way to indicate direction, I can't say I'm all that anxious to put it 
> in the tower. I know it will outlast me, tho, but I'd sure like to have a 
> direction indicator, too, without having to spend an arm and a leg on one 
> of those red herring boxes.
> I've picked up a big gin pole (3" aluminum pipe, 3/8" wall, 15 feet long) 
> that will handle the R55 but it's heavy enough that I'll use another gin 
> pole to jump this big one up to the top so I can fly another section of 
> tower.
> RoGrrr
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