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Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 15:34:09 -0500
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Don't know about other's experiences, Bill, using moth balls but I hung 
(stored) one of the seats from one of our vans up on the garage wall. 
Actually suspended it from the ceiling on 1/4" nylon rope.
Well, I laid a tarp over it and left an opened box of moth flakes sitting 
there.  A year or so later when I went to put it back into the van, there 
was this nice hole eaten in the seat and into the padding.  Couldn't tell 
which kind of critter did the deed, but I have both squirrels and chip munks 
by the dozen running around here, even with the neighborhood cats passing 
through.  And yes, the moth flakes still smelled.

YMMV, though.


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> Chipmunks got into my conduit (3" PVC) between my shack and my tower and
> did a job on cable insulation. They shorted several wires in the SteppIR
> control cable (blowing driver chips in the controller) and even ate bits 
> of
> the SHIELD from several places in several coax cables.  (There were
> different types of coax, and the chipmunks worked on all of them. No one
> type, such as the direct burial cables, was immune.)
> I am replacing the controller cable and the main coax to my beam. I cut 
> out
> the bad parts of other coax and spliced them (using proper plugs and the
> short barrel connectors) -- these are for 80/40 antennas and now check OK
> when measured going to a dummy load.
> I'll do a better job of blocking the ends of the conduit.
> QUESTION: Will moth balls in the conduit help? Will they harm the coax
> outer cover?  (Unfortunately, the neighborhood cats are too well fed ---
> they usually just watch the chipmunks.)
> Bill - W2WO
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