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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Antenna
From: "Kelly Taylor" <>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 08:51:04 -0500
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I would think you might be asking for trouble: anywhere on the side and 
you're going to mess up the tuning and the pattern, and on top you might 
have structural issues.

If top isn't out of the question, it would probably work best, but you'd 
need to provide the antenna with its own radials at the base of the HiQ and 
isolate the feedline and control cable, both at the base of the HiQ and at 
the base of the tower.

(Actually, depending on where you mount it, you might need to do that 

If you don't isolate the feedline and provide radials at the top of the 
tower isolated from the tower, the feedline at the base of the tower will 
see the entire structure as an end-fed long wire on certain frequencies and 
become quite the cloud-warmer.

Here's a weird idea, maybe some other experts could chime in: mount the HiQ 
to the top of the tower, bonded to the tower so the tower and HiQ are one 
antenna element. Use the coil to resonate the tower-HiQ combo at 160 and 
then play with shunt-feeding the tower. If you can adjust the coil remotely, 
you might be able to get the entire thing to play like a 1/4-wave on 160 and 
a 5/8-wave on the other bands. I suspect that the coil would tune somewhere 
around the 80-m mark to be on 160 and might be bypassed entirely on 30. You 
might need different drop wires for 160 and the other bands.

If you do that and add more radials (you wouldn't need ground rods on the 
additional radials), it might just be a killer vertical!

73, kelly

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Sent: Friday, May 18, 2012 8:35 PM
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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna

> Hello from a new subscriber with a question:
> I have a new Hi Q screwdriver antenna with the 6 inch coil and the egg 
> beater cap. hat that I want to attach to my tower. The tower is a US crank 
> up 55 ft. with extensive ground radials 12 in all in a spoke fashion with 
> a grounding rods at each end.A 12 element Tennadyne log is on the top at 
> 57 ft. The log covers 13-33 Mhz. and I plan on using the Hi Q for 160 
> through 30 meters.
> Now the question is where do you advise installing the Hi Q on the tower 
> and how far away from the tower?
> Thank you;
> Bob,K7PE
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