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That was Mark's (W7ZB) tower installation. I got the welders AWS
certificates from Rohn as part of the permit application.  It was the city
of Beaverton and they did not back down until an ARRL Volunteer counsel was
brought in by Mark to discuss the issue with the City Engineer and Mayor. It
was then that an internal finding was prepared and the building department
relented on that particular criteria. 

I have corresponded with Chuck regarding his installation and gave him the
name of the ARRL Counsel that was used. That is about all I can do for him
as he has had someone else do the engineering and document preparation for
his installation. Every jurisdiction has its quirks and you just have to
deal with them one at a time.

Lonberg Design Group, Ltd.
H. Lonberg, P.E,.S.E. / KR7X

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>  I am trying to get a permit to erect a US Tower TX455, 55'  tower at 
> my
home in SW Portland.  The City of Portland Development Services  is asking
for several items to prove that the tower conforms with the  "Oregon
Specialty Structural Code and/or other city, state, and federal
requirements".  I have purchased drawings and documentation from US Towers
which will 
hopefully satisfy most of  the 8 items they have listed.   One item I would
like to 
push back on is the requirement to hire an inspection  company to verify
that the steel and welding are correct.  The gentleman I  talked to at City
of Portland Bureau of Development Services said they would  expect the the
inspection company visit US Tower to verify their manufacturing  procedures
and that their welders are qualified.  This seems like overkill  to me given
that the tower in question is an off the shelf item.
    Jeez, the BS that building departments want you to  go thru. 
    One building department wanted to verify that all  of the welds on a
Rohn tower met some sort of standard that I don't recall. They  were finally
satisfied when Rohn copied all of the welder's certifications  and mailed
them to the building department. 
    Maybe Hank, KR7X, can be of some help although he  is mostly acquainted
with the Beaverton regs. Worth a try. 
Cheers & GL,
Steve      K7LXC

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