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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] hornets nest
From: K8RI <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 19:44:29 -0400
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On 9/12/2012 6:25 PM, Mike Ryan wrote:
Some of the popular bee sprays don't kill all the bees. Most kill wasps
but I was told by the guy in Home Depot that some just make bees like
yellow jackets mad.

Normally yellowjackets are little, bad tempered, ground dwellers. IE they live underground or under garage floors.

I had a 12' diameter satellite C-band dish disassembled and stacked against the back of the garage. Paper wasps built one of those huge football shaped nests between the sections... I was moving it to get rid of it. I grabbed a section and found it appeared to be stuck to the one behind it. I really reefed on it. It came loose and so did a cloud of wasps.

I waited till dark, set up my 1000 watt shop lights off to one side, but pointed at the nest. With a pair of those "shoots 20 feet too kill wasps and hornets" cans at hand, I pulled the one section free while staying out of the light. Got 'em all.

I also discovered they were in the vent to the kitchen range. I set up a step ladder where I could spray right into the vent by standing on the first step below the top. Again with two cans in hand, I let loose into the vent. There must have been one huge nest in there as I a had a pile about a foot and a half across and 3 or 4 inches deep of bees.

Now as to yellowjackets: Before we lived here, some one had neglected one of the downspouts from the eves. That washed out a spot under the garage floor. They discovered a way in at the junction of the garage apron and floor as well as through the siding to the foundation on the other end of the garage.

I discovered the entrance on the North end of the garage after I plugged up the entrance between the apron and floor. The next morning every garage window was nothing but a mass of unhappy Yellowjackets. Every bulb was just a mass of bees hanging from the ceiling. I turned on the lights and went after them, again with two cans of spray. I used a lot of the expandable yellow foam to seal up those openings.

IIRC I accounted for 12 large nests that summer just within the boundaries of our 200 X 200 lot. We've never had such a bountiful crop of bees since. Neighbors had many nests in their trees and elsewhere. I'm not sure why this area had so many that year.

I'd not want to mess with them on the tower, but normally bees just seem to ignore me and go after any one else close by. Another ham and I were talking in front of the garage. The Yellowjackets chased him clear to the end of the driveway and completely ignored me.

I'd not recommend these to someone else, but I've just used a 10' length of 1/2" EMT, brooms, water from the hose, and water from a pressure washer to knock down nests. Any of these approaches rely on the ability to move FAST! Nor do you want to be sensitive to the venom.

Have some "Adolph's Meat Tenderizer" handy to put on stings. The enzymes break down the proteins in the venom getting rid of pain and swelling quite quickly. At one time I had an allergic reaction to stings and black flies. The doc told me to make up some small packets of the tenderizer, wet the area and apply immediately. Applied immediately there was no swelling. If I took time to come in the house to apply there would be quite a bit of swelling. If I didn't apply the stuff there was major swelling.


Roger (K8RI)

  I had wasps here so wasn't worried about which was
which. But depending on what you have around it might be worth a closer
look at the label.  Now, if they can only come up with an effective
spray for mother-in-laws.  - Mike

-----Original Message----- From: KD0Q-Glenn
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] hornets nest

I had yellow jackets build a nest in my mast this summer.  Found them to be
nearly inactive early in the morning - I know because I watched for them
with my binoculars.  I was able to blow the nest out and spray one morning
and didn't have a problem.  Took 3 weeks before I quit seeing them hanging
around and dared to work up there.  Haven't seen any since.

73, Glenn/KD0Q

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Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 4:45 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] hornets nest

I'd like to do some tower work but found I have a hornet's nest on the
support of my 40 meter antenna at 60'.

We have had a couple of cold mornings and I could try hitting it at dawn
with a spray but I really don't want to do it and risk being attacked. I
could also wait until we have a couple of good frosts and I could take it
down then.

Any thoughts other than waiting for late fall?


Craig Clark K1QX
QX Electronics
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