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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower HDX572
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 10:30:53 -0700
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On 9/18/12 5:45 AM, Tom Crothers wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I've been busy for the last six weeks or so getting a used US Tower HDX-572
ready to go up.  I tested the raising motor yesterday, and found that it is
dead.  The motor itself is part of the US Tower MDPL-1000 lift apparatus
that is attached to my tower.

I cross referenced the Leeson Electric motor - part number 1100018.00 (this
is the motor that has failed) on Google.  I found several vendors online
that sell the same motor with seemingly identical specs.

They probably ARE identical..
That's the great thing about industrial components; they use standards.

What you want to check is that the shaft diameter/configuration (keyed or not) and motor mounting configuration are the same. A given size motor (case size, not HP rating, necessarily) comes in several flavors of mounting and you need to make sure yours matches.

The Grainger and McMaster-Carr catalogs (both online) have good explanations of how to go about ordering a motor.

Is your motor open dripproof, TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) or something else? What frame size? 56 or 56H are the most common in the sub-2HP range. You might have a C-face mount (the mounting holes are in the face of the motor, as opposed to on the side with saddle mounts).. C face is very common when driving a gear box, etc.

Once you've got the mechanical issues worked out, then it's a matter of matching electrical specs: speed (there's only going to be 2 or 3 possible values: 1725 is by far the most common, you might find a 1140 or 3450 RPM.

They probably use a standard duty motor, but you should check and make sure that for some reason, they've used something else.

If you give us the Leeson model number, we can look it up and give you the cross reference to almost anything else.

-> there's one big exception (and it's important).. if the mfr has used a "custom" motor, either because they got a good deal on the price to buy a pallet or truck load of them or because they had some weird configuration issue, and could commit to pallet load quantities, it might be non-standard.

I used to work for a place where we made LOTS of fans, and we had special ordered PSC motors that looked quite standard, but had a few changes in the windings to optimize it for our needs.

A similar situation arises where a mfr gets a really good deal on surplus motors for the first production run (and actually starts the business that way), and then has to order custom motors to match that first good deal. If you're buying motors by the 50s and 100s, the cost differential is tiny from the standard product.

 I'm no electric
motor guru, but I know there are various engineering considerations.  Does
anyone have any words to the wise as far as ordering one of these available
motors?  Does anyone recommend anything else, and/or have success stories
from past experiences with failed tower motors?

I'm very appreciative of any assistance that can be rendered.




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