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[TowerTalk] rotary or demo hammer for ground rods

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Subject: [TowerTalk] rotary or demo hammer for ground rods
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Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 19:52:18 -0400
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Some guys here went together to buy the big Harbor Freight demo hammer.
I’ve chipped off some granite with it, but it was slow.
One of the guys made a female socket for driving rods and it’s fabulous, as 
fast as you’d want to go.
BUT it’s HEAVY, 70 lb, I think.  At our age, it takes two of us to work it 
high, as required for ground rods!
We use it every FD for a dozen ground rods and numerous pins to hold down tower 
All great.  We take it around on a garden trailer, with a generator or in a 
We also have a farm jack and adapter to pull rods, but this year I pulled with 
my old Ford tractor.
It’s astonishing how hard it is to pull even 3-4 ft of rod out of firm dirt!  
Rebar is worse.

One guy bought the next smaller hammer and I think it’s fine, especially on 4 
ft rods.
Having SDS is very good, since you can do awesome rotary drilling.


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