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To: Don <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Beam Interactions
From: Gary Jones <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 20:39:38 -0500
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Think about the 40 meter extension to your A3WS driven element. I have that
dipole added to my A3WS and it does remarkably well compared to my 3
element Force 12 Yagi

Gary.    W5FI

On Wednesday, August 13, 2014, Don <> wrote:

> Wow, what a great site, every day I see some new idea or learn something
> new.
> Until I moved from Portland to the OR coast, the beams I've had up have
> been single triband beams. In my present location,however, I installed a
> Hy-Gain HG70-HD tower, topped with an old TH7DX 10/15/20 tribander, and
> some 8 feet above it, a Cushcraft A3WS for 12/17. The mast is 20 feet and
> topped with a 16 foot Decibel 2M monopole. The tower and beams have
> withstood winds up to 80 MPH without damage, a velocity in gusts not
> uncommon during the winter. The tower is usually only up 2/3 of the OA
> possible height.
> Setting that stage, I was following the discussion re 40 M beams with
> drool. Then I remembered I have an old KLM 7.2-1 rotatable dipole sitting
> in storage and thought why can't I incorporate that with the two beams.  I
> had always hoped back 20 years ago to be able to find a second KLM and make
> a 2 el as KLM (then in CA) suggested and gave specs on in their manual.
> Didn't happen.
> My current thought was to drop the A3WS down to maybe 3-4 feet above the
> TH7DX (minimal interaction) and mount the 40M rotatable dipole at the mast
> top, above the A3WS and below the 2M monopole. I'm willing to live with
> some degradation since at my age (78,) I'm not likely to be putting up more
> towers and antennas, regardless of how great the location is. The mind is
> willing, the body ain't. It is all I can do to just do the layover of the
> tower for antenna work.
> So, the question - is the latter idea feasible? Does anyone have
> suggestions on a better arrangement?
> Don W7WLL
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