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[TRLog] DVP Sound for Contesting

Subject: [TRLog] DVP Sound for Contesting
From: (Ernesto Grueneberg)
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 22:35:43 -0200
    Dick Isely wrote:

> 27 OCT - 1715 CST
> Gentlemen...
> Using the K1EA DVP card is not an exact science.  But Mark, N5OT, is
> right
> on target when he talks about using all the letter combinations and
> adjusting the time delay options to get a "natural sound" -- after you
> have
> absolutely no outside RF getting into your computer.
> It is a very time-consuming process - I have spent up to half a day
> getting
> it
> to sound quite "natural".  And this has to be redone for every contest
> if
> you want to truly make the DVP sound invisible to the person on the
> other
> end of
> the QSO.  This is because your voice changes slightly from day to
> day.  You
> don't notice this unless you were to compare recordings of the exact
> same
> text (DVP files) made over a period of days or weeks.
> I have used the DVP for several sweepstakes contests and several times
> I have
> had people refuse to believe I was using the card to generate the
> entire
> response.  However, I don't consider the card to be practical for DX
> contests except to call CQ - due to the language differences among the
> operators, and
> far greater differences in band conditions.
> I will be in the SSB Sweepstakes this year.  But I have yet to decide
> if I am
> going to take the time to properly program my DVP this time around....
> - Dick Isely, W9GIG
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   Can you use the "no speak contesting" feature with TR??


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