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[TRLog] Radio Hookup

Subject: [TRLog] Radio Hookup
From: (AE0Q V31RY)
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 16:59:29 -0700
At 16:18 15-12-97 -0600, K9KJ wrote:
>I noticed that I will need the IF232 to hook up my computer (and TR) to the
Kenwood 850.
>Do I need to buy this if 232 or can I build one cheaper, or what are my
>Plus, I have the same problem with the Yaesu FT990

  There are interface circuits in a QST article for both radios in Feb 1993
QST..  The circuit for Kenwood TS-450/950/850 rigs uses about $10 worth of
parts, and is optically-isolated between the rig and PC.  I've built 4 of
them (using PC boards I got from the author), they work great with my and
some friends' TS-450s radios.  Same interface requirements as the TS-850..

  On another interface subject, you might want to check out the
opto-isolated keying circuit on my web site for keying the rig on CW..  It
has no DC connection between the PC port and the radio, preventing a
ground-loop or RF path to blow the LPT or serial ports..  Been making a lot
of them for friends, they use a $0.50 opto from Tech America or DigiKey..
The same ckt will also work for keying the PTT, two can be built in the
DB-25 for the LPT connector..

Have fun!  --  Glenn
"Remember, any tool can be the right tool!"   Red Green

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