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[TRLog] VK bug?

Subject: [TRLog] VK bug?
From: (Jim - KK7A)
Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 00:00:16 -0600
It has happened to me a bunch this weekend as well.  No particular call
prefix, just makes the callsign field blank after hitting the space bar or
enter.  I was only in S&P mode when this happened.  I did not try deleting
"my grid" to see if that solved the problem.

        Jim - KK7A

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On 5/30/98, at 5:08 PM, Bob Wolbert wrote: 

>Donno why I'm reading e-mail rather than working the contest. Well, yes
>I do know why.... (rate hovers near zero for past few hours...).
>I believe this is a program problem. I have seen it but did not spend
>time trying to figure out exactly what triggers it. Sometimes a dupe
>I believe it happened on a JA or two, as well.
>73 & GL de Bob, K6XX
>Mike wrote:
>> At 02:05 PM 5/30/98 EDT, you wrote:
>> >Was playing in WPX last night and noticed after I had worked a VK any
>> put
>> >in callsign window after that and hit enter, it wipes the call but
>> sends
>> >it and report?  Then I can enter the call again in exchange window and
>> logs
>> >it just fine.  Seems to be only VK calls as I tried to get it to happen
>> >with others with no porblem?  Running latest ver.
>> I don't think it is the program, I have 6.26 running and have not had
>> happen to me. And the way conditions were last night VK WAS a GOD SEND!
>> after the first 100 qso's I had only 12 that were worth points, the rest
>> were US Stations, at 200 I think the number was a little larger but not
>> much.
>> Maybe this was NAQP CW Weekend???
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