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[TRLog] band switching

Subject: [TRLog] band switching
From: (Joseph D. Carvalho)
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 10:41:09 -0000
In preparation for Sprint...

Load dvptsr
Start tr.
With the band map enabled, it shows the current band and operating freq.
Hitting alt-b or alt-v does not  cause the radio the change bands. The
display indicates the software is doing the right thing and the radio beeps
to indicate that it is changing, but it never changes band.

Using the '-' to prompt for a freq will sometimes cause the mode to toggle
from USB/LSB depending on the band.  But the freq never changes.

If I press the band/key on the radio, the software follows, no prob.

As a diagnostic tool, I'm able to have RTTY/WF1B's change the radio
bands/freq as needed. Both band changing as well as direct freq input.


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