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[TRLog] RE: PTT sequencing

Subject: [TRLog] RE: PTT sequencing
From: (Bob Wolbert, K6XX)
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 11:11:09 -0800

A circuit that will accelerate that old relay without causing excessive 

This is from a circuit by Tony, K1KP. It makes a HUGE difference when 
running my '930. It reduces my lag time, but its biggest benefit is it 
works all the time, not just when TR is doing the keying.

Just make sure the transistor is rated at least double the open circuit 
coil voltage on the SB-220.

73 de Bob, K6XX

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From:   Pete Smith []
Sent:   Thursday, February 04, 1999 4:17 AM
Subject:        [TRLog] RE: PTT sequencing

For what it's worth ....

My TS-930 (which produces fairly good QSK barefoot) asserts a PTT signal 2
ms before the first RF.  No way that's slow enough to protect my SB-220.
Last fall in CQWWCW, I used a TRLog setting of 20 (34 ms leadtime).  For
the first time in years, I didn't have the amp apart during the contest to
burnish the TR relay contacts.

One of the projects on my list is to replace the input and output relays on
the SB-220 with fast ones.  Even then, I probably won't attempt QRO QSK
during a major contest, because it wouldn't take very long to exceed the
maximum expected life (in switching cycles) of the replacement relays.

So I bless TRLog for having the programmable PTT function, even if it HAS
allowed me to procrastinate on the relay change.

73, Pete Smith N4ZR

Loud is.

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