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[TRLog] Icom IC-746 Interface

Subject: [TRLog] Icom IC-746 Interface
From: (N2UM)
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 13:55:15 -0500
        I just received a new Icom IC-746 tranceiver that I'm trying to 
interface to the computer.  I know that the W1GEE interface that I'm 
using is working because it works just fine with Logeqf.   What's 
happening is that the frequency is displayed in TR but is slow to react 
and disappears after a few seconds.  I am unable to change bands from the 
keyboard and it doesn't react to Band Map actions either.   I've tried 
several baud rates and several different radio types, radio updates, Icom 
command pauses and Icom response timeouts.  I have not tried radio one 
receiver address changes because I don't what to change it to but 
whatever I have it set to now it seems to see the radio as evidence of 
the frequency readout.

        Any ideas would certainly be appreciated!

Thanks,  Gary /N2UM

PS   Yes...the radio is really awesome!

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