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[TRLog] Sending spots to packet cluster

Subject: [TRLog] Sending spots to packet cluster
From: Jack Trampler - N2JT" < (Jack Trampler - N2JT)
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 18:35:14 -0500


In careful inspection of the character you wrote in this e-mail, you have
indicated an apostrophe.  If you did not mistype in this mail, the problem
is you need to use the "backwards" apostrophe.   On my keyboard is is in the
upper left of the keyboard and is on the same key as the ~ character.  I am
using 6.36 and had no difficulty with sending spots this weekend.

Jack - N2JT

>TRLog 6.36's bandmap worked beautifully this weekend in concert with my TNC
>and modified TS-930, but I had one frustration -- I couldn't send spots to
>the packetcluster using the ['] key, as indicated in the manual and on the
>help screens.  At one point I managed to send a spot from the keyboard
>(without using Ctl-B) but it was through fat-fingering, and I couldn't
>figure out how to do it again.  Ctl-B worked flawlessly, so the problem
>wasn't in communications to the TNC.
>can anyone clue me in?
>73,  Pete N4ZR
>Loud is good

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