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[TRLog] Sending spots to packet cluster

Subject: [TRLog] Sending spots to packet cluster
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Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 11:47:57 -0600
> BTW, I would love to be able to spot stuff to the cluster without receiving
> spots, so that I can be a legal single-op but use the band-map and still
> spot the rare ones for others.  Is this do-able in TR as it currently
> stands, or might it be added?  Maybe PACKET SPOTS could have a "none"
> option? 

You took the words right out of my mouth.... or should I say "away from my

This would be a most excellent feature.

Although it would bring up issues from others suspecting you of assisted
operation, even if you weren't.  After all, you'd still have to be logged on
to the cluster, and there would be a record of that for the contest period.
It could be tough to prove that you weren't receiving the spots, only putting
them out.  I guess this thread should be moved to cq-contest reflector?


Charlie  N9CO

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