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[TRLog] Can't abort CW immediately w/ Esc

Subject: [TRLog] Can't abort CW immediately w/ Esc
From: (D. R. Evans)
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 19:32:09 -0600
On 24 Feb 99, at 11:19, wrote:

> > I'm in S&P mode. I hear someone send a power, so I dump that in the 
> > exchange window. Then he sends his call (perhaps he's only signing every 
> > two or three Qs) and I put the call in the exchange window. Then I hit 
> > <ENTER> to call him. TR's state machine doesn't seem to understand that I 
> > haven't called him before. It believes (erroneously) that because there is 
> > already an entry in the exchange field, it's already called the guy. So 
> > instead of sending N7DR, it sends 599CO, which makes me sound like even 
> > more of a lid than I really am.
> So, the program is busy updating the log files on your hard drive and
> pressing any key on the keyboard will not be processed until the
> hard drive activity is completed.
> Running SMARTDRV will elimiante this delay.

But this begs the (more important) question as to why TR thinks I'm 
completing the QSO when I've never even called the guy.

To reiterate:

  If I've put an entry in the exchange window, and then put the other 
station's call in the call window, and then hit <ENTER>, TR currently seems 
to think that I'm completing a QSO, so it goes off into it's "updating the 
disk" routine while it's sending the exchange. But I haven't even sent my 
call yet, so it certainly shouldn't be logging the QSO (or sending the 

TR should be smart enough to realise that I haven't yet sent my call and do 
NOTHING to log the QSO at this point -- because the QSO can't possibly be 
complete. Hitting <ENTER> should just send my call in this situation, as it 
would if I had not put anything in the exchange window. Shouldn't it?

(And then the NEXT time I hit <ENTER> it should log the QSO [since I've 
sent my call at that point].)

  Doc  N7DR

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