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[TRLog] Clear Band Map display

Subject: [TRLog] Clear Band Map display
From: (D. R. Evans)
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 19:32:09 -0600
On 24 Feb 99, at 20:54, wrote:

> Finally got around playing with packet and TR in ARRL DX contest. Band map got
> quickly filled up  with lotsa spots and smiley faces. I was trying to find out
> if it can be cleaned, refreshed, or wiped out. I did not succeed. Do I have to
> wait 60 minutes (and more junk) for it to go away, or there is a command that
> I can't seem to find?

No command (yet). I've been asking for a long time to make the decay rate 
(and the colour changes) of the band map programmable. On the surface it 
looks like it ought to be an easy change, but since Tree has never 
implemented it I assume that it must be much harder than it looks.

(Or, of course, he doesn't think it's important :-) )

  Doc  N7DR

PS My problem is the opposite. I almost never use packet, and I'd like to 
keep the frequency info on the screen longer than an hour since there's 
often more than an hour between my S&P scans of the band. Just goes to show 
how different people have different wants, I guess.

D.R. Evans N7DR / G4AMJ            

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