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[TRLog] Fw: [CQ-Contest] Sleep Deprivation Summary

Subject: [TRLog] Fw: [CQ-Contest] Sleep Deprivation Summary
From: (Ron Thomas)
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 09:39:00 EST
I had seen this quote somewhere before on a "how to contest" web page.  As a 
diabetic, I know the importance of maintaining good blood glucose levels.  
I'm not familiar with the units given here, but a normal level is 100 mg 
glucose / 1 deciliter blood +- 20.  I think that is probably equivalent to 
the figures listed below.  In non-diabetics with otherwise normal glucose 
metabolism, you aren't going to deviate much from this, unless you are glued 
to your chair for the entire contest period, and are living on candy bars.

So, in brief, try to eat some balanced meals, and get up and stretch your 
legs once in a while.  For those who show the symptoms mentioned, maybe you 
ought to go to a doctor and get checked if you have any reason to suspect 
glucose levels as the cause of your mood swings.  Diabetes is a killer 
disease, which can sneak up on you.  My doctor estimates that I have had it 
for 4 or 5 years before being diagnosed.

Reputation comes from what others see us do.
Character is what we do when no one is looking.

From: "Dale L. Martin" <>
To: "TRLog Reflector" <>
Subject: [TRLog] Fw: [CQ-Contest] Sleep Deprivation Summary
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 17:45:33 -0600

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From: S Cooper <>

 >4. What to eat? The objective is to maintain a steady blood-glucose level 
 >around 4-5 mmol throughout the weekend, with a slightly higher than normal
 >intake of protein. In normal healthy individuals, high blood-glucose 
 >lead to poor concentration and drowsiness whilst low blood-glucose levels
 >lead to iritability, short temper and loss of aptitude. 4-5 mmol, a
 >moderately low level, will be achieved by avoiding anything containing
 >simple carbohydrates like sugar or bleached pure white flour.

Okay, Tree.  There ya go!  How about a blood-glucose level interface between
TRLog and the operator?  Not only could the operator fine tune his
blood-glucose leve, but after the contest,  in Post, he'd be able to 
the levels with rates!

Now, that's something that can help performance and scores.

Maybe a periodic on-screen reminder to take a drink of water, too.

dale, kg5u

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