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[TRLog] XP and DOS Now Play Nicely Together

Subject: [TRLog] XP and DOS Now Play Nicely Together
From: (Gary Ferdinand W2CS)
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 07:46:02 -0400
Related to this excellent thread I offer the following *possible*

You can install in XP an XP component called the recovery console.  As far
as I know, this is a totally new concept with XP (I'm not familiar with
Win2K/NT, so it might be there, too).  The end result of installing this
component is on boot up you get a choice of which to boot, native XP or the
XP recovery console, with a time-out so your default system gets booted
without intervention.

Now, I haven't tried it, but perhaps someday I will...  The recovery console
looks rather suspiciously like a DOS boot!  But it's one that will access
NTFS partitions as well as FATs.  I'm wondering if TRLog will operate
correctly in the recovery console boot up.  Once the boot is complete, you
get a line prompt just like in DOS.

If this were to work, it would be a cheap alternative to buying Partition
Magic, installing PM's boot manager, and setting up DOS boot partitions,

You install the recovery console from the XP CD.  Doing a Help search in XP
will tell you how.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has tried using the recovery console as
a TRLog foundation and whether it works.

73/Gary W2CS

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> Gang,
> After a few postings earlier this year trying to get help with running TR
> under XP, and getting no where, I resorted to buying a copy of Partition
> Magic. It lives up to its name.
> If you recall, my then new Dell laptop came with XP preinstalled. Numerous
> attempts to delete XP were met with failure. Even my IT guy could
> not erase
> it! (I planned on stating with a clean disk and loading DOS and Win98 with
> dual boot.) Since I could not get the keying or rig control to
> work in XP I
> went with Partition Magic. So now my hard drive has a 500MB FAT partition
> with DOS, a 2Gig FAT32 patition for Win98SE and a 7Gig NTFS patition for
> XP.  All done on the fly with NO DATA LOSS, very cool.
> Boot Magic even lets me select the operating system at startup. Booting to
> DOS takes all of about 6 seconds with my 900MHz machine.
> So, if you have an XP machine and are having troubles, you might consider
> Partition Magic. Did I mention that it is on sale this week at CompUSA?
> Naturally, the usual fine print and disclaimers are included here, yada
> yada....
> Oh, the learing curve for the software is a bit steep. You will
> likely need
> a few hours to make this work.
> 73,
> Mark K2QO
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