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[TRLog] TR 6.64 comments...

Subject: [TRLog] TR 6.64 comments...
From: (KL7RA)
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 09:12:52 -0800
Jim, VE7FO writes:

> I would like to be able to set it to, say, 4 hours as it makes S&P much 
> easier.

Are you sure Jim? Four hours is forever in a contest. I actually adjusted the 
the other direction and set the fade to 20 mins during the WPX. Except for the 
CQ beacons I doubt too many spots last more then a hour. Also we get spots every
few seconds which really load the band maps. Ten meter spots fills the screen 
fast and the new spots refresh the faded mults often. Leaving really old spots 
on the
bandmap would seem to me a waste of valuable time for the single-op assisted.

This, of course, has little to do with TRLog programming, I'm sure they can set 
it to 
any time you want, it was the contest strategy that caught my attention.

73 Rich  KL7RA


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